Опыт гемблеров с Космолот казино

Чтобы провести тестирование в казино Космолот в Украине на деньги, наша команда специалистов принимает во внимание ряд моментов из отзывов игроков, которые мы кратко объясним ниже: В цьому плані, казино Космолот це найкращий вибір гравців!


AD Rossen Tarım is a global company operating in the vegetabla seeds sector which has been established in Antalya as a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Rossen Seeds B.V. Since 2008, it reveals our experience and knowladge in vegetable breeding and marketing. In November 2016, it was acquired by the Agrobest Group, which operates in the field of agricultural chemicals in worldwide brought to Turkish seed business, and opened a new era in the seed industry by winnig the title of the first foreign seed company purchased by a Turkish company. With this development; It continues its breeding activites in 6 main species in an area of 10 hectares and deepens its genetic pool day by day.

AD Rossen Tarım; aims to create a fair and sustainable product in everything it undertakes. It contributes to the global effort to provide continuous food due to the ever-increasing population in an ever-changing world.

The common purpose of our company; guided by its vision, mission and values; to meet the changing needs of customers and consumers an a safe and trouble-free manner, and to bring producers to high profits and consumers to healthy food with its strong R&D and Sales and Marketing network.

Let’s not forget that; Agriculture is an indispensable element in order to feed the country’s population, to contribute to national income and employment, to meet the raw material needs of the industrial sector, to contribute directly or indirectly to exports, and most importantly, to save our arid future!


AD Rossen is an organization that has been set out with the aim of bringing producers to profit and consumers to healthy food with the improvement studies we have done.

On this road; AD Rossen has been proudly operating since 2008 to provide quality products at all times, to grow by keeping up with the developing technology, to contribute to food safety, to ensure environmentally and nature-friendly production, and to meticulously carry out R&D studies that are extremely sensitive to producers and consumers. It is among the basic principles of our mission to develop and grow, and to make AD Rossen brand a leading brand in the seed indusrty in Turkey and in the worldwide.


Our reliable identity, our vast knowledge in the agricultural industry and our devoted team are our most precious treasures to create a healthier future.

With this awareness; In order to leave a better world for future generations, we maket he concept of sustainability the main subject of the seed industry. We carefully maintain our methods and practices used in agriculture so that adequate and qualified agricultural products can progress in parallel with the need curve of the world population, taking into account environmental conditions. We know that the plant species in our fertile land must have genetic dieersity in order to adapt to changing environmental conditions, and we aim to provide ‘’superior genetic diversity’’ with our plant genetic resources. We care about offering reliable products without sacrificing quality, while producing producer-friendly vareities with high added value.

Our company, which makes progress every day by following innovative and technological innovations in the sector, is taking a firm and sure steps to become the leading name of the sector on a global scale.

AD Rossen is the address of deep genetic material, expert staff and high quality seeds!


Company Establishment

AD Rossen Seeds which is established in Antalya/Turkey started operating to produce healthy seeds for next generations and providing reliable food transportation for our era.


Structuring Process

In the last quarter of 2016, AD Rossen Seeds has been purchased by Agrobest Group Company which is actively working on pesticides business worlwide. Thus, the first foreign seed company acquired by a Turkish company won the title of the seed industry. In the same year, the company opened their offices in both the US and the Netherlands and continued their activities in three branches.


Growth Target

AD Rossen Seeds has grown steadily to the present day and has increased its breeding activities to 10 hectares. Thus, the road map was drawn with the goal of becoming one of the influential companies in the seed industry in Turkey and in the world. AD Rossen Seeds has provided distributors in Turkey and abroad and has proven that it proceeds confidently towards its goal of bringing producers and consumers to healthy food through seed imports.

We Produce Healthy Varieties

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What we offer in AD Rossen Seeds:
Full-Time, Year-round employment
Professional and peaceful business environment

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By our healthy varieties for your needs which have been produced in our station;
our producers will reach earnings and our consumers will reach healthy food.