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Чтобы провести тестирование в казино Космолот в Украине на деньги, наша команда специалистов принимает во внимание ряд моментов из отзывов игроков, которые мы кратко объясним ниже: В цьому плані, казино Космолот це найкращий вибір гравців!

We Offer Quality Service

The most up-to-date and sustained need of our era is the access to reliable food. With this vision, AD ROSSEN, which has been continuously growing since 2008, aims to reach our producers with healthy varieties produced for your needs and to deliver healthy food to our consumers.


Product Range

Our company with many years of experience in the sector provides the highest quality.

AD Rossen Seeds

In 2008, AD Rossen Seeds has been established in Antalya as an affiliate of the Netherlands-based Rossen Seeds B.V. which has continued its reclamation activities in 12 decares of land and has served the sector with high value-added seeds. In November 2016; AD Rossen Seeds has been purchased by Agrobest Group Company which is actively working on pesticides business worlwide.


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    Why AD Rossen Seeds?

    Deep Genetic Material
    We are breeding on 6 main types (tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, squash, melon).
    Wide range of products
    We offer top quality varieties to meet the needs of our growers.
    Quality and Healthy Seed
    We sell certified seeds that produced according to procedures.
    Expert staff
    We work with specialized professionals in the field.
    Reliable Services
    We are proud of our work. Each delivery arrives on time.
    Reputable company
    For more than 10 years we have been active in service reaching to the best quality seeds.
    AD Rossen, for Reliable and High Quality Seed ...
    Get Healthy Food with Our Healthy Varieties.


    By our healthy varieties for your needs which have been produced in our station;

    our producers will reach earnings and our consumers will reach healthy food.